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About us

Artisfact is a global phenomenon that is focused on creating a holistic multisegmented ecosystem for supporting and promoting emerging artists, both online and offline. 

In our operations we tackle the greatest challenges in the industry: underrepresentation, intransparency, price-fixing and forgery by giving the power directly to the creators. 

Our vision is focused on nurturing a new generation of visual artists and investment-savvy collectors according to the principles of market democratization and artist livelihood sustainability.

an online marketplace and promotion platform

For Artists

Emerging Artists promotion
Merit-Based Pricing Algorithm ™
Blockchain-encrypted catalogues
Virtual Reality Exhibition
Partnership programs with Art Institutes

For Collectors

Free Shipping
World-wide carrier network
Charts & Investment Decision Tools
Traced Value of purchased artwork
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Art as Investment
Our benefits for artists
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Galleries

The Collectors on Artisfact as given the status of Art Investors.

This stems from the fact that all of the purchased Artwork is registered as Secured Assets.

Each purchase is automatically assigned to an Art Investment Portfolio ™ while each value fluctuation in real time is reflected on the Investor Dashboard.

One-stop-shop for Registration, Cataloguing, Exhibition, and Sales Artisfact gives all Power to the Creators.

Unbeatable Commission Rates on each Sale

User-friendly Virtual Gallery Constructor

Tailor made Promotion Tools for your Artwork

Curatorial and Compliance Advice

Blockchain Technology Application in the Fine Arts and Collectibles Industry has long been an unattainable uthopy. The few attempts that were made concerned the Blockchain registration on the Secondary Market, featuring the established dealers and multimillion artworks. On Artisfact we believe in democratization and using blockchain for the Primary Market to Register the Emerging Artists’ creations, assign them with a confirmed value, and storing that body of information for the future generations to make use of.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm employed by the Artisfact Platform is aimed at personalization of the Offer based on viewed Art, Favorite Artists and  Preferred Art Categories.

This Online Exhibition tool allows for greater Freedom for the Artists to decide when and how to showcase their work on their own terms.

Customizable and easy-to-navigate virtual galleries are the perfect space to allow Art Investors from anywhere in the world navigate your personal exhibition with a full immersion effect.

A personal Virtual Gallery will boast an express Checkout Gateway.

Our Advisory department is affiliated to ULTIM Advisory Group.

Artisfact provides tailor-made solutions for Arts and CSR, as well as Enterprise collection management services.

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